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All about us

We are who we are because they say things about us that others would not say

We do what we think is right to be efficient and to best meet our customers that we believe are our most important asset.

Il titolare indossa il foulard tubolare Smotard
Here's what the Microfibers are and what an advantage they offer to the sport:

They are "hi-tech" fibers, that is high tech. Very thin and therefore light they allow to create very thin fabrics but with great technical properties. The Micro fibers keep dry and guarantee total comfort. In fact, at the protective function of rain and wind they combine that of thermoregulation. Thanks to a microporous membrane (1.4 billion micropores per 2 cm) Microfiber garments favor perspiration avoiding condensation phenomena of sweat.


The fresh feel of the fabric to the touch should not confuse, The SMOTARD neck warmer is built with sensitive microfiber that senses body temperature and reacts by spreading a pleasant sense of comfort in all conditions.

Fabrizio Mugnaioli 
it's one of us

Dakarian of Africa (the real Dakar) today has fun with the bicycle. He works with horses and lives in a fantastic Farmhouse just a stone's throw away from the thermal baths of Saturnia. Use the neck tubes Smotard neck gaiter because it feels light and performing.

Scaldacollo smotard sulle vette più alte del mondo
Tubular bandana, a lot of passion for sport.

Smotard neck scarf born from the motorcycle world in the 90s, as a specialist tubular for professional pilots.

After years of continuous appreciation by our pilots, Smotard produced the first technical scarf in patented fabric (2005).

We have continued to work at our best to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers and this led to other Smotard brand products.

We produce and market with Smotard and Dr.Atoms proprietary brands in the traditional medium / high-end clothing / motorcycle clothing channels, with about 300 customers in northern and central Italy with an annual production of about 30,000 items.

Stefano Sacchini and his adventureschool travel together
to us for more than 10 years ...

It is one of the best schools for motorcycle riding. Led by those who live there has always lived and made it a lifestyle. He has chosen to have a personalized smotard that only gives his best pupils.

Il confort del foulard tubolari smotard
How to Wear Balaclava neck warmers Smotard

Smotard neck tube bandana is proof that even a simple object can be improved and achieve excellence if built with experience and passion.

Absolutely fantastic for your every sporting adventure, or even for a walk downtown,

Smotard is the only accessory of character.

Smotard is our legendary Neck warmer tube neck in high-quality bi-elastic micro fiber 100% made in Italy. We started from the experience of our Paris-Dakar pilots, and we have perfected the idea starting from their needs: wear a helmet avoiding air, sand and dirt from the neck, keeping the visor open, avoiding breathing dust, a piece of light clothing and that was not the usual rag around the neck.

Silvia Giannetti
first Italian woman
at the Dakar ...

Silvia Giannetti was the first Italian woman to finish the Paris Dakar.

She used the underwear Smotard underwear and above all our tubular neck tube bandana.

Deserto africancon donna in moto e paracollo smotard
Simple typical Italian genius

Raffaele Prioli has found the solution for the protection of the neck by creating the neck warmer Smotard,

the only piece of clothing in micro bi-elastic fiber.

The technical properties of the Smotard bandana tube neck are one of the strong points of the product: our neck tube under-helmet is woven on special machines and has no seams to guarantee high comfort and long life.

It does not tear, does not untie itself and above all does not lose its elastic characteristics with time.

Thanks to the elasticized microfibre fabric composition, it can be used as a simple schooner, around the neck, or as a bandana on the head.

Very comfortable, very light, adherent, protects from heat and cold, allowing the skin to breathe, provides complete and complete protection, is antibacterial and is 100% made in Italy.

Davide Biga alone around the world in just over 365 days ...

It is only one of its enterprise that participates in competitions and organizes tours on and off road . He never stopped using the most comfortable micro fiber neck scarf in the world. and he can say it! Want to see the history of his world tour click below.

Sardegna off road in moto e il foulard bandana smotard
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